Lakeside celebrates one year

Hello! It has been just over one year that we at Lakeside Counseling of Loveland have been in practice. It has been a wonderful, if not challenging experience and one that we have thoroughly enjoyed. It has been our joy to serve our community in this manner; working to improve the lives of others and to see people leave our offices in a healthier state than when they arrived is our passion.

One area we have not taken advantage of that we would like to improve upon in order to better connect with our community is our use of social media. To that end, we will be using the blog to post more articles written by us, the therapists of Lakeside, links to articles we find interesting, as well as humorous anecdotes to keep things light.   We have also put together our very first newsletter for our current and former clients, as well as referral sources.  If you’d like one, email us at and we will gladly send you an electronic copy!

In the meantime, please ‘like’ us on  Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward to connecting with you in this way and welcome your feedback via the comments.


Lakeside Counseling