“7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors that Keep Children from Growing into Leaders”

Great read from forbes.com.  A former marriage and family therapist writes about how our good intentions as parents can sometimes hinder our children’s growth, and strategies to counter these behaviors.


When to seek therapy for your child

A great article in the New York Times about when it might be time to seek therapy for your child, written from the point of view of parents who have “been there”.  One quote to highlight:

“I wish several things: one that we had tried harder to find counselors whom they would have been willing to work with but I also wish that we had gotten counseling ourselves that would have helped us deal better with the issues our children were facing.”
You will find that at Lakeside Counseling of Loveland , we will work with you, the parent, to face your child(ren)’s issues together.



Does your child need therapy?

Divorce can be difficult.  Sometimes it’s the only decision left that a couple can agree on.  When children are involved, it can get even more complicated.  This is a great read from the Huffington Post about how divorce can affect children, and may help you decide whether to seek therapy for your child.