Ann Murrin, LPC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I work with families, couples, adolescents, and individuals to identify and work towards creating a life worth living. Sometimes we encounter struggles, and it is through these struggles that we can identify what we really want in our life, and our relationships. Entering therapy can be scary, but through a collaborative approach that helps each client identify what they need, we can work together to create acceptance and to make positive, sustainable change.

I believe change comes from two places. First is to step outside of one’s emotional experience and become an observer, to see all the possibilities we have. The second place is within relationships. Relationships help us identify our beliefs about ourselves, and the people with whom we surround ourselves.

I specialize in the role of family and intimate relationships have in our lives. This takes place at all levels. Whether you come to my office by yourself, with your adolescent, significant other, or your family, we will work together in the context of being apart of a community.


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