About Lakeside Counseling

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”   ~Henry David Thoreau

Lakeside Counseling of Loveland is located just north of McKee hospital in Loveland, CO and offers a serene and peaceful setting in which to navigate life’s more difficult issues.

Ann and Jennifer met while working together in community mental health years ago.  We enjoyed collaborating and desired to remain professionally connected. In 2012, we had the opportunity to start a new adventure and broaden our practices outside an agency setting.  We decided we would each maintain our own practices, under one name, and hence, Lakeside Counseling of Loveland was born.  Starting a practice together allows us to continue to collaborate, provide in-house referrals based on a clients’ unique needs, and offers us greater wellness in our personal lives.   Although we practice independently, our shared vision is to deliver the highest quality psychotherapeutic services and see our clients leave in a healthier, more balanced state than which they arrived.